The Odeon Reborn

We worked with the team @ ODON and Paul Keaveney to generate the all new look in the Odeon. The internal lighting has the full potential to generate any mood or colour through a Showco control system. The combination of soft light fixtures bespoke for the project and the touch of colour creates a sensuous space with that boudoir feeling. The new layout of the three bar counters allows for a more intimate space when the bar isn’t rocking. The lighting control caters for this event by touching the not so busy counters with light while highlighting the open counter.

The exterior has a totally controllable LED light source with the main facade light fittings been specifically made for the project. The colour of the fittings  was selected to minimise the visual impact on this beautiful building. Go and have a look and enjoy a pint , remember consciously living is much better that passively existing.