CPD; Basic Principles of Daylighting for Architectural Spaces

We are delighted to announce that we have received certification for our new CPD on “Basic Principles of Daylighting for Architectural Spaces” from the RIAI.

The RIAI on their Approval suggested that this :

”  Is an excellent presentation for architects, with a good balance of design advice , technical information and examples “. 

This Daylighting CPD  course is designed to help you with :

  • Awareness of the knowledge necessary for successful DayLighting design.
  • Understanding critical DayLighting design elements
  • The ability  to critically analyse design options for projects
  • An Insight into one more performance criteria necessary for successful DayLighting

We are taking bookings for this new CPD now and hope it will be as successful as the long running CPD on “Artificial Lighting for Architectural Spaces”. (Which continues to run).

We look forward to seeing you and sharing our knowledge on this very exciting topic. If  you want to be contacted about the CPD please fill in the registration form and Olive will contact you  . Click here http://www.wink.ie/cpd-registration

RIAI CPD on Basic Principles of Daylighting for Architectural Spaces.