About Us, and our approach to lighting design.

Wink has 20 years experience in architectural lighting design and what is best practice, we design using cutting edge lighting technologies to create lighting effects that help people experience healthier and happier environments.

Wink develop lighting solutions that integrate architectural and living spaces, always with a keen eye on sustainability, sharing expertise and knowledge . The challenge is to ensure that the design retains integrity, and ultimately achieves the brief set down by you .

We aim to ensure the design maximizes your budget and you end up with what you want and need.

“To know where you waste is the answer to where you can save”. We have an educated energy team to help you.

We are curious, optimistic and passionate people. We believe in the power of creativity. We expand our horizons  in order to introduce new styles and always try to find new experiences to share.

Our vision is:

“Than Light itself becomes an integral part to the design concept of architecture, a dynamic element in its own right. Light becomes an active player in the life any environment. That, lighting is not something applied as an afterthought but becomes one of the materials out of which the building itself is made of. We believe that environments are best when light is embedded at the heart of the architectural process rather than applied as a cosmetic add-on.”