rocky Rocky Wall is design team leader with 20 years in the lighting industry. He has worked in both  the Theatre and the Rock and Roll industries during his career .Now his focus growing Wink into a company which enhances your space with light.
0035 87 2551100
geraldine Geraldine McMahon is our office manager, keeping the accounts in shape while providing a balanced approach to all things that create an efficient and happy staff. She can respond in many languages and manages to keep us all on track.
Aimee Corcoran joined the team as technical sales support and is currently taking a masters in Lighting Design .
Image result for david de courcy David DeCourcy is our MTB mad man. He is our junior designer , working up drawings, project rendering and quotations. He pushes for the best for your project to both as promised and on time in budget.
  Colum Proctor   takes care of your goods. He looks after  orders, both incoming and outgoing. He prides himself and getting it right .If you have any questions about your order just ring Colum on 012762200 or