Lighting Design

Lighting Design Services - Dublin

Wink believes that each project is unique in context and objectives, and should, therefore, be treated as such.Wink designers and project managers have developed a unique methodology to ensure that architects, designers, and clients are given the fullest possible support during the design and implementation phases of their project. We enjoy what we do and work towards the best result for every project.

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Lighting Supply

Lighting Suppliers Dublin

Wink has partnered with a selection of lighting manufacturers who pride themselves in what they do. Wink has established healthy working relationships with their partners to ensure flexibility and reliability . It is our passion to provide the best product for the specific lighting task, and know that it will achieve the highest standard for the lighting requirement and visual impact.

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Lighting Project Management

Lighting Project Management

Any design is only as good as its implementation, and at wink we believe that effective project management is essential for success on any project. Each project is unique in its context and objectives; and should therefore be treated as such.

Over the years, wink designers and project managers have developed a unique methodology that we use to ensure that Architects and Designers are given the fullest possible support. We take the view that there are four crucial aspects to each Project: Design, Economics, Performance and Environment. Further, all four must be addressed if the project is to achieve its architectural design brief.

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Lighting Consultancy


Our lighting design team are here to help you achieve inspirational lighting effects for your project.

The first meeting with one of our lighting designers can either be in your office or in our Bray offices . During the meeting, the designer will go through your plans and discuss the project in detail with you. For an appointment, we will require the drawings in AutoCAD from you’re your architect . The more information you can bring about room/area functions and how you plan to use the space , the better our input can be. Any ideas you have will always help us to build the space you are trying to achieve, and how best to light it.

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CPD Registration

cpdlogoWink is the first lighting company in Ireland to have received RIAI approval for its CPD seminar. There is now increasing acceptance of the importance of good lighting design. However, how do we know how much light we need to design to? What kind of lighting do we use? Where best to locate it? The aim of the CPD seminar is to give a basic understanding of lighting principles, terms, light output and colour,  so the importance of a lighting design is understood; allowing you to ensure that lighting becomes an integrated part of the building’s architecture.

Concepts and considerations for lighting design encompassed in the seminar include:

  • Different qualities of light.
  • Different ways of measuring light.
  • The ability to select the correct type of lamp for a given application.
  • The ability to select the correct type of luminaire for a given application.

In the seminar, we explore the difference between Illuminance and Luminance. Illuminance, measured in lux, is the amount of light falling on a surface. Luminance, measured in candelas, is the amount of light reflecting off a surface. We also examine the two main factors to consider when discussing the appearance of light: Colour temperature and colour rendering index.

wink can provide this seminar nationwide from our offices in Dublin.

We also provide specific lighting CPD’s on request.

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