CPD Network – Basic Principles for Artificial Lighting in Architectural Spaces


The aim of the CPD seminar is to give a basic understanding of lighting principles, terms, light output and colour, so the importance of a lighting design is understood; allowing you to ensure that lighting becomes an integrated part of the building’s architecture.

  • Concepts and considerations for lighting design encompassed in the seminar include:
  • Different qualities of light.
  • Different ways of measuring light.
  • The ability to select the correct type of lamp for a given application.
  • The ability to select the correct type of luminaire for a given application.

In the seminar wink explore the difference between Illuminance and Luminance. Illuminance, measured in lux, is the amount of light falling on a surface. Luminance, measured in candelas, is the amount of light reflecting off a surface. We also examine the two main factors to consider when discussing the appearance of light: Colour temperature and colour rendering index.

To book a CPD please contact the office on 01-2762200 or info@wink.ie