Wink features on Ireland’s top rated TV programme ‘Room to Improve – Dermot’s Home’

Rocky discusses his experience on ‘Room to Improve Dermot’s Home’.

One of my more high profile projects, was providing lighting consultancy for Architect and TV presenter,  Dermot Bannon and featuring on his television programme ‘Room to Improve: Dermot’s Home’. This programme aired in January 2020 and was one of the highest viewing programme’s on RTE. Over three quarters of million people watched the show (770, 000 in total) showing the appetite for property related programming with the Irish public.

It was an experience to work with Dermot and the team on this very special project . We were brought in initially to advise on the problems Dermot was having with his large scale windows as part of “Room To Improve: Dermot’s House” documentary.

On the back of this, Dermot realised that the use of a lighting designer could make a difference and  asked if we could come on board to do a full lighting design for the house. Dermot embraced the ideas and took on board our ideas and enjoyed the process, he is a guy who is generous with his appreciation of something he feels adds value.
Wink supplied many of the feature lighting elements coordinating with the build team to ensure the detail of the design was fully implemented. We wish him the very best and hope that all his efforts which were  focused on building a home for his family gives them great happiness, love and laughter.