Urban Art In Dublin

Wink  were really excited to be a part of the Festival of Urban Art which happened in Sandyford on the weekend of September the 21 st, 22nd and 23rd of 2012.
Like most parts of the country, Sandyford has its fair share of ‘distressed’ or unfinished properties. One of these, Sipter on Blackthorn Drive, is in the
process of being partly completed and a new boulevard and park will form an important amenity to the residents and workers of the area,
particularly those who live in the apartments overlooking the unfinished buildings.
The project was designed by award winning firm, Smith and Kennedy Architects, and was funded by NAMA as part of an overall strategy to bring the planned development to an acceptable condition. The boulevard was completed in September 20122 and is a much less formal space than originally
planned. Part of the brief was to find an economical solution that would minimise expenditure while at the same time providing a unique and user friendly space. The two principle themes are urban art and landscape. The brief was to bring a smile to the pedestrian as they commute through the space.
The hoarding that has been erected along one side of the new boulevard will be decorated by a team of international urban artists.
The work was carried out over the weekend of September 21st, 22nd and 23rd and was the centrepiece of a Festival of Urban Art in Sandyford. The artists will ran workshops for children and other activities were organised to celebrate the creation of a new public space.