Liberty Hall – Playhouse, Dublin


From the 24th of September until the 11th of October 2009, the iconic Liberty Hall building in Dublin’s city centre was transformed into a giant 50 metre, low resolution, TV screen. Members of the public were invited to create animations with sound and music, via a website, and broadcast them across the city’s skyline.

Powering the display was a bespoke LED lighting system consisting of 100,000 low-energy LED lights, installed into 330 windows on the south and west faces of the building. These lights illuminated each window as a solid colour turning it into a tiny pixel that was part of a giant display.

Playhouse were approached with the Playhouse idea late last year. They loved the idea and jumped on board as main sponsor and agreed to fund the project. The team was then pulled together through connections made at the Trinity Science Gallery. For nearly a year, the design team were busy creating some amazing lighting technology and were looking forward to showcasing it to the public on the 24th of September.

Originally inspired by the Blinkenlights installation in Berlin, Playhouse raised the technological bar with the ability to produce colour animations along with sound and music (broadcast over FM radio within the vicinity of the building).

The project was a major success with many facebook and twitter campaigns launched to keep it as a permanent fixture.

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