Catellani & Smith – Contemporary Light fixtures
  • Residential
  • Ecclesiastical/Conservation
  • Hospitality/ Retail

Catellani & Smith – Contemporary Light fixtures

Catellani & Smith, established in 1989 on the initiative of Enzo Catellani, prides himself on well-made lamps, it
is a company making many different types of lighting: table-top and standing lamps, wall and ceiling lights, as well as producing unique special pieces for installations in large internal and external spaces.

Catellani & Smith places itself outside the usual industrial mould and has chosen a path that takes us back to when products were crafted with the hands and the mind, aspiring to produce objects that revive the tradition of artisans, with all the meaning, magic and enthusiasm that manual work still knows how to convey in there contemporary light fixtures.

Catellani creates the lamps inside his atelier, while Smith paws the ground of his stable. It has been this way since 1989 when Enzo Catellani chose a non-existent partner, naming him after his English thoroughbred. Thirty years later, Catellani felt he would always enjoy an encounter with a real Smith. Developing an understanding with a personality so strong that it has characterised the entire production of Catellani & Smith was a difficult feat, however. Thus, the doors to the mind and the company have opened up to new Smiths. People that design new products in tune with the founder’s clear vision. Young and no longer young, as long as they are enlightened and enlightening.

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