W!NK Lights The Rock Of Cashel!

Client: OPW

Architects: Architects OPW

The Process of lighting the Rock of Cashel

The main objective for the lighting design for The Rock of Cashel was to facilitate the flexibility of colour changing  for specific occasions like St Patricks day. Within the lighting design there was a need to incorporate two presets for static white light. The option of  a warm and cool colour temperature generates an amazing difference in the appearance of the castle when one is compared against the other.

It was fantastic working with the OPW team on this one as their passion for the building was palatable. The care and sensitivity in the treatment towards the building was a credit to them. The experience highlights that our national monuments are in safe hands.

Wink were responsible for the full lighting design and product supply for this project which raised many challenges! The building is a listed building and there were many restrictions to overcome in the location  and beam angles to achieve the most dramatic treatment of the building. A total of 21 x 221 watt RGBW LED addressable light sources were used to cover the exterior of the building.  With the use of these fittings a saving of 70% on the running costs was generated when compared to the old scheme. We were not allowed to position any light sources inside the buildings due to its sensitivity. If we had been allowed we would have achieved a greater depth by enhancing the structural shapes and expressing the various ages of the construction dating back to the 13th century.

It is interesting that the name word “Cashel” is an anglicized version of the Irish word caiseal, meaning “fortress”.


This was a fantastic job by Walden Electrical on the installation and don’t forget to wink if you are passing at night.😉

News report .

As reported in the Tipperary Star when seen over the St. Patrick’s weekend “emerging like the Incredible Hulk, from the blazing neighbourhood”


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W!NK Lights The Rock Of Cashel!
W!NK Lights The Rock Of Cashel! W!NK Lights The Rock Of Cashel! W!NK Lights The Rock Of Cashel! W!NK Lights The Rock Of Cashel! W!NK Lights The Rock Of Cashel!