Congratulations to all on the great acheivement in winning the Best Public Space Award 2012, we are very proud to have been part of the winning team.

Wink worked closely with Bob Hannan , Andrew Devonport and the design team in DLRD CC as concept consultants for the general coordination of the lighting scheme . We also worked  on the design and upgrading of The Town Hall illumination. The design of the town hall has the capability of becoming a time piece, on the chime of the bell tower the building will wink in sync with the strike of the bell. With the passage of time the light will gently change colour becoming time piece itself. This will be seen clearly as a light house for the walkers on the pier. The clock face is back lit which continues to change colour after the building lighting has been shut off around midnight, letting the late home comer identify the time even if they can’t see the hands of the clock!

The conversion to the new lighting system has reduced the power consumption by 80% of the original installation.

Well done to  the team and it is great to see all the hard work being reconised for what it is , Best Public Space.