Lighting Consultancy

Our lighting design team are here to help you achieve inspirational lighting effects for your project.

The first meeting with one of our lighting designers can either be in your office or in our Bray offices. During the meeting, the designer will go through your plans and discuss the project in detail with you. For an appointment, we will require the drawings in AutoCAD from your architect. The more information you can bring about room/area functions and how you plan to use the space, the better our input can be. Any ideas you have will always help us to build the space you are trying to achieve, and how best to light it.

Please remember that the lighting design needs to be done at the very beginning of a project before electrical first fix. We see the lighting as one of the materials the building is made of and not just an application afterwards.

Your architect or interior designer may want to be involved in this process at this stage.

After the first meeting our lighting designer will produce a lighting layer on the architectural plans supplied. This is a marked drawing with the lighting design laid onto it as discussed. Together with the plan, a detailed specification and quotation will be prepared on an area by area, circuit by circuit basis listing the light fittings, lamps, transformers, drivers and controls. Ancillary notes are given for each circuit, together with the positioning and installation details of each fitting. For maximum flexibility, dimmer or scene-setting details are included where required. To help you visualise the fittings, images of the fittings in situ are included too. This package can be used for tender purposes or installation as it includes all relevant information an electrical contractor needs. Once you receive your pack, we recommend a follow up meeting in our offices to run through the scheme and to ensure it is all in line with what was discussed.