Wink currently runs CPD’s throughout the year. Contact cathy@wink.ie for more details.

There is no cost to attend the CPD’s.

CPD on Artificial Lighting 

Wink is the first lighting company in Ireland to have received RIAI approval for its CPD seminar on ‘The Use of Artificial Lighting for Architectural Spaces’.

With construction site closures announced for the rest of January 2021, and to make the most of this unscheduled time due to the halt in construction site visits, the team at Wink would like to offer you the opportunity of participating in our online CPD’s running throughout this month.
We are holding a CPD on Wednesday 27th January 2021 between 1 & 2pm and on other Wednesday’s in February.
Make the most of this shutdown time and book into one of our RIAI approved online CPD’s on Artificial Lighting presented by Wink MD, Rocky Wall.
If you’d like an individual CPD for your organisation, get in touch and we can book one for you.
Contact cathy@wink.ie to enquire and book a date.

The next CPD’s will be on the 27th January, 2021.
Contact: cathy@wink.ie to register and to enquire about future CPD’s.


Wink Lighting is hosting accredited online CPD’s on The use of Artificial Lighting for Architectural Spaces over the coming months.
CPD Title: The use of Artificial Lighting for Architectural Spaces, accredited by RIAI.
Presenter: Rocky Wall, MD Wink Lighting
Description of CPD: below
Date/Time: The next CPD’s will be on the 27th January, 2021.(1-2pm)
We can organise a specific one for a company on request.
Cost: Free
Contact: cathy@wink.ie
 to enquire and book a date. You will be then sent registration details for the online seminar.


The aim of the CPD seminar is to give a basic understanding of lighting principles, terms, light output and colour, so the importance of lighting design is understood; allowing you to ensure that lighting becomes an integrated part of the building’s architecture.
Concepts and considerations for lighting design encompassed in the seminar include:

Learn about the different qualities of light.
Gather the knowledge on how and why light has the ability to enhance our wellbeing.
Increase your understanding on how to select the correct light source for a specific task.

In the seminar, Wink explores the development of LED technologies, how they can be best utilised, their advantages and disadvantages. The CPD details what is coming down the line with light sources and their control and also how we can best implement these developments into our buildings, leading to both increases in the wellbeing of the occupant and increases in the efficiencies of the building.

Contact cathy@wink.ie to register