Light on Aimee!

Congratulations to Wink lighting designer, Aimee Corcoran, who has just received first-class honours in her Masters in Architectural Lighting & Design Management (specialisation in Heritage Lighting) at Hochschule Wismar, Germany.

Aimee has worked with Wink for over 3 years and her work ranges from single product recommendations for a small space, lighting design for residential homes of all sizes, commercial lighting specifications & calculations and lighting for urban spaces in an efficient, sustainable manner.

“I love to evoke emotions within people and lighting is a fantastic medium to do just that. Light is invisible. It’s not obvious except for the surface it shines upon and the shadows it creates. These light contrasts create the feelings and moods within us.”

“The light from a candle emits a warm, welcoming atmosphere like that of a campfire you would crowd around while the flame dances beneath. The light from a desk lamp emits a much cooler and stark emotion to promote an alertness which is good for the working environment. There are so many options and directions one can take in the lighting world however I feel that if we can pinpoint the emotion, the atmosphere, the mood we are looking to achieve in the space, the light will flow freely and accentuate the architectural features with high value & efficiency.” Aimee Corcoran