Q & A on Home Office Lighting with Rocky Wall

Increase productivity and brighten up your work space with the correct lighting.
The existing lighting you may have at home in a small room or a bedroom or small room is not designed for functional use.

Q & A on Lighting Design with Rocky Wall, lighting designer & MD at Wink

In our Q & A, Rocky Wall advises on how best to light your home office to increase your ability to work productively and improve your wellbeing.

Where is the best room or place in the room to have a home office in terms of lighting?
In front of a window so you maximise daylight and are not in the shadow of your own light. If the window can’t be in front of you and you are right-handed, have the window on the left and if you are left-handed, have the window on the right. This maximises the best light and minimises shadowing .

What to do if you don’t have a lot of natural light?
Supplement it with artificial light that has a daylight colour temperature to it. The reason is that the mind finds it easiest to concentrate under daylight compared to warm artificial light .

How to properly light a home office?
Because most of us don’t have the luxury of a dedicated office space its best to have the flexibility of using a variable light source. Daytime light helps support concentration, learning and memory.
This can be achieved by using desk light that has a tuneable white light which allows you to use daylight colour temperature when the desk is an office space. And  a warmer colour temp when in its designed use.

If possible place your desk with natural light in front of you.

Why is lighting so important for a home office?
Good Light makes us feel energetic, alert, and concentrated, and the correct temperature assists the mind to concentrate .To work is daytime light of suiting the demands of work and keeping us active and focused. Good Light is the right light at the right time and in accordance to our activity and our personal needs during every day . Using a cool colour temperature to stimulate , and a warm colour temperature to relax.

What are the best type of lighting products for a home office?
A good desk lamp that has a dynamic or tuneable white light, try to avoid direct light which can cause hard shadows and glare .

Here are some high quality home office lighting products from Wink lighting suppliers including Louis Poulsen and Artemide.

Tolomeo Table Angle Poise from Artemide

Jolly James lamp from Sparckel 

NJP lamp from Louis Poulsen

For more information on lighting design and supply, contact rocky@wink.ie