Residential Lighting: Enhancing homes with the right lighting

The right lighting can transform a home. It can enhance living spaces with a beautiful aesthetic, but also optimise light whether it’s for concentrating or relaxing in the home. Lighting a home should be an integral part of planning a renovation or new build ensuring each room has the correct approach, the right colour temperature and that natural light is complimented.

Residential lighting design is built on the basis of a considered and well thought out lighting design for a person’s requirements. Our aim at Wink in terms of lighting design is to maximise each space for its use, its occupants and any architectural or structure detailing that needs to be highlighted. Each space has a different use and should be lit in a way that is sympathetic to its use.

At Wink we’ve worked on a variety of projects which can vary from a modest home to a large one-off hacienda. The common factor is where the design team or the client wants a considered approach to lighting. We also work on small high-end developments.

Rocky Wall, MD of Wink explains Wink’s approach to residential lighting.
“Whether it is an architect or interior designer we always start with an initial design team meeting to establish the scope and get a sense of the look intended.
In this meeting it is often best to include the potential client to ensure that we are a good fit for them and the project. We discuss the different spaces in the house, what the areas are used for, what activities are carried out in these spaces and to understand the style and look they are aiming for. By the end of this meeting it will be clear what the general approach will be, and the client can decide if they want Wink on board and whether we add value to their build.
We can give the client the option of walking away or if they feel Wink is their partner of choice they have one of two options. We encourage the second option where the design intent is carried through to the completion of the project.”

First Option: Lighting Design Fee.
Here the client will get the lighting design package which consists of a set of construction drawings or pre-tender drawings, a schedule of fittings and the budget costs for a suite of suitable light fittings .They would also get a controlled schedule if lighting control is involved. For this option, there is a fee for the design package which will be subject to the size of the project.

Second Option (Preferred): Design and product procurement
This is where the client would get all in option one and also procure the suite of fittings. In this instance, the product is priced competitively in the market place. If the client progresses with the procurement of the product, the design fee will not apply.
We encourage this approach and 95% of our residential projects are carried out with this option. This option ensures that the project is implemented with the design intent and we work with the construction team to make this happen.

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