Revolutionary Handrail Lighting System

Wink are exclusive suppliers in Ireland of this innovative handrail lighting, the LEDpod by KLIK Systems.

It is vital to get the right lighting for handrails as it reduces the risk of accidents and provide safety.
It’s also beneficial if the handrail lighting is simple to install and maintain and that it provides the right light for its environment.
The finest type of handrail lighting can also reduce the amount of glare for users and ensures no spillover light into the environment as well as being sustainable.

With this in mind, Wink is delighted to have an exclusive  partnership with the award winning handrail lighting system, KLIK Systems. We are the only suppliers for this product in the Ireland. KLIK’s handrail light was commended the Best Exterior Building Product at the RIAI awards.

Designed to improve safety in public areas, the LEDpod consists of multiple LED lights installed within a handrail and illuminates the area beneath the handrail getting the light where it’s needed most.

The benefits include no visual fittings, the cabling is contained in the handrail, remote drivers can be mounted 20 metres away and the fitting has a massive lamp life.

Each of the angled LED’s distributes light asymmetrically providing maximum light and even spread. This technology is far superior to standard symmetrical LED’s which waste 50% of illumination. This asymmetrical light means no glare for the user. Each LEDpod is certified to have 50,000 hours of life.

There’s a very easy installation system – it’s just a simple hole drilled depending on the specification for the fitting which is done offsite. Cables are easily drawn through the rail and then fittings clipped into place.

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