Wink’s expertise in Lighting Church buildings

One of Wink’s specialist areas is conservation and in particular, lighting churches. We have worked on at least 50 church projects throughout the country. Ecclesiastical projects are interesting and rewarding to work on as well as having their challenges.

Many issues that arise when lighting church buildings some which have been there for many decades or even centuries,

In general, existing installations are very old and tricky to upgrade from a maintenance point of view  Where there is old wiring the challenge is to minimise the rewiring. We are doing this through a bluetooth scenario which will maximise flexibility and reduce maintenance. Another issue that arises in churches are the very high ceilings so changing lamps are problematic from a height point of view.

Wink has found solutions using bluetooth technology
We have specialised a particular bluetooth solution for churches and for track systems which allows full flexibility so the main objective then is to reduce power consumption, maximise the ambience, maximise specific areas so that the illumination is correct for the task and to create atmosphere by control.

At Wink, we look to accentuate the special characteristics of churches as many churches have interesting features to highlight such as a beautiful ceiling or stained glass windows. Lighting an altar is like lighting a stage, it being the focal point of the celebrations.
Enhancements can be done to create atmosphere for the various services and different moods created whether its a christening where the font is the focus or a candlelight carol service.

We find working with old buildings very rewarding as we can enhance the architecture of the space with so many different designs and lighting to suit the space. We want the space to be adaptable to the many uses of the congregations at different times and in different seasons. It’s also very interesting to work with new buildings as they allow us to meet the specific requirements of the community.

Creating energy efficiencies is important although the age of the building and lighting illustrations bring challenges. At Wink, we’ve used bluetooth lighting technology which is very effective in these situations and can create energy efficiencies too. All the products we use are energy efficient and of such high quality they lend well to the task in hand. Fittings are changed to LED which allows a longer life.

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