Wink’s RIAI approved Online CPD’s on Artificial Lighting

Wink Lighting is hosting accredited online CPD’s on The use of Artificial Lighting for Architectural Spaces over the coming months.
CPD Title: The use of Artificial Lighting for Architectural Spaces
Presenter: Rocky Wall, MD Wink Lighting
Description of CPD: below
Date/Time: The next date is Wednesday 25 November (1-2pm) with further ones planned.
We can organise a specific one for a company on request.
Contact: to enquire and book a date. You will be then sent registration details for the online seminar.


The aim of this CPD is to give a basic understanding of lighting principles, terms, light output and colour. Highlighting the importance of a lighting design and how it  becomes an integratl element when designing a building.

Concepts and considerations for lighting design encompassed in the seminar include:

  • The qualities of light and how best to implement them
  • The importance of daylight
  • The ways that light is measured
  • Selecting the correct light source for a specific task

Contact to register