Artemide Architectural & Decorative Lighting
  • Sustainable
  • Residential
  • Ecclesiastical/Conservation
  • Urban
  • Hospitality/ Retail

Artemide Architectural & Decorative Lighting

WINK’s Special Partnership with Artemide

Wink is one of a few companies in Ireland who have an exclusive partnership with Artemide
This special relationship allows us reliability and flexibility when sourcing their products.

More on Artemide

Founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi, Artemide is based in Pregnana Milanese, Italy, and operates through 24 subsidiaries. Its distribution network includes 55 branded showrooms in the main cities around the world. Artemide products are distributed in 98 countries. With five manufacturing units in Italy, France, Hungary, and Canada, two glass-works, and one Research & Development centre supported by prototyping labs and groundbreaking tests, the Artemide Group currently has more than 750 employees, including 60 engaged in R&D, thus confirming the key role of innovation in the Group’s success. At Artemide, technological research, partnerships with outstanding architects, as well as sociocultural investigation have been from the outset at the origin of innovative projects capable to illuminate the future with unabated power.

Today the Artemide collections convey a unique mix of values: the approach to human and responsible light goes hand in hand with design and material savoir faire, combining next-generation technology with ancient wisdoms, a perfect expression of sustainable design.

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