Bover, house lighting design
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Bover, house lighting design

WINK’s EXCLUSIVE Partnership with Bover in Ireland 

Wink has worked with Bover for many years who produce the highest quality, contemporary lighting products.

We have an exclusive partnership with Bover, and are the only distributors of the product in the Republic of Ireland.

More on Bover:

BOVER was born at the end of 1996 with the aim of defining a personal line to maintain the balance between quality and form, offering contemporary models that bring warmth and comfort to domestic and contract environment.
BOVER is a result of a professional team who live and feel their surrounding cultural world.
The company and products are the result of our enterprising innovation spirit and the business commitment to offer a contemporary high quality house lighting design product.

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Wink is the exclusive supplier of Bover products in the republic of Ireland.
To discuss any of Bover’s products and get recommendations on Wink’s top lighting picks from the range, contact Wink at 1 276 2200 or