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WINK’s EXCLUSIVE Partnership with TAL in Ireland 

Wink has worked with TAL for over 20 years, who excel at high end lighting products.

We have an exclusive partnership with TAL, and are the only distributors of the product in Republic of Ireland.

More on TAL

TAL is a trendsetting company in high-end lighting instruments of a superb quality.

They are a company that want to do much more with light, they see light as not only an amount of photons, light is life. TAL describe their products as good examples of the perfect mix between emotion and a technical product. The most important aspect of their philosophy is creativity, even in the choice of a simple screw.

All development is done in-house by a specialised team.

It’s easy to recognise a TAL product due to its outstanding finishing.

TAL products are tools to design light because light matters.

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