Wink works closely with the design team and the client to design and ensure that the lighting maximises the structural features, generates mood and atmosphere and provides functional light where necessary.


Wink has worked with some of Ireland’s leading Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Retail outlets. Our background in Theatre & Performance based lighting means we create dramatic lighting effects that enhance the style, tone and mood of a venue while sourcing exclusive productus.


Wink are specialists in conservation and church lighting. We design sympathetic & sensitive lighting strategies for heritage lighting projects that enhance the aesthetic, while reducing maintenance & increasing efficiencies through eco friendly lighting design.


We work with city councils as well as private developers to create unique lighting schemes for moderm, urban environments. Urban lighting should be encouraged in its capacity to build and/or reinforce the link between people and their urban environment.

Office fit-out

Light has a real impact on how people feel, how they view their workspace, and how they interact with their colleagues. At Wink we’ve a great deal of experience in transforming work spaces into stimulating, uplifting environments. We have only one objective – to create the best lit spaces for healthy, happy and efficient environments.


Sustainability starts with a switch. Not just the changing of a light bulb, but a fundamental shift in how we view energy usage in our homes, schools and places of work. We believe that every entity can benefit by incorporating sustainability into everyday life and long-range planning. If you think you are too small to make a difference , try spending a night in the same room as a mosquito!