Contemporary Home by the Sea

2019 –  Lighting design by Wink on this North Dublin coastal home. Tips for your home lighting ; Natural light is the best light. There are three mains types of lighting: ambient, task and accent. Layer it up. Tune into your movements. Proportion is everything. Don’t forget functional lighting. Consider your bulb selection.

Room to Improve : Dermot’s House

Client: Dermot Bannon Architects: Dermot Bannon Architects It was an experience to work with Dermot and the team on this very special project . We were brought in initially to advise on the problems Dermot was having with his large scale windows as part of “Room To Improve: Dermot’s House” documentary. On the back of […]

The Rock Of Cashel

Lighting Buildings

Client: OPW Architects: Architects OPW Wink lights the Rock of Cashel The main objective for the lighting design for The Rock of Cashel was to facilitate the flexibility of colour changing  for specific occasions like St Patricks day. Within the lighting design there was a need to incorporate two presets for static white light. The […]

Belvedere College Chapel

Belvedere College

Client: Belvedere College Chapel Architects: Maria Fenlon Interior Architecture and Design Belvedere College Chapel gets a lighting upgrade from W!NK ! W!NK really enjoyed working with Belvedere College Chapel’s Lighting. It’s architectural design has a particular aesthetic that is very meaningful to the parishioners. The chapel is very welcoming but relatively small. Maria and the design […]

Deansgrange Library

Lighting Design

Client: DLRCOCO Architects: Town Architects Brief: Wink worked up the new library lighting design with DLRCOCO for the referb and the extension. This program was short-listed in the 2014 RIAI awards.

Cliff House Hotel – hotel lighting

Cliff House hotel lighting

Client: Cliff House Hotel Architects: Douglas Wallace Brief: This hidden gem in Waterford was a challenging project , we worked up the light concepts to lighting design and supply with a very creative team of designers. The hotel sited on the cliff edge needed some creative solutions to the areas where no natural light existed […]

Round Tower, Clones, Co Monaghan

How Wink overcame various obstacles to light this round tower in Co Monaghan Wink provided the lighting design on this beautiful and historic Round Tower at Clones in Co Monaghan, accentuating the monument and making it a focal point of the town at night. However there were two significant issues when lighting this monument which […]

Avoca Ballsbridge


Client: Avoca Architects: Oppermann Associate Architects For the new Avoca in Ballsbridge Wink worked closely with the in house design team and Oppermann Associates Architects on the lighting design and supply. The innovative new store is deeply rooted in heritage and throughout the space, there is a connect with what is now and what used […]

The Market Bar


Client: EFJB Architects: Pierce Tynan Brief: Create a visual impact by raising the feeling and the experience. Highlight the structure and form of the walls by using shadow and tight beam angles.

Saint Canice’s Steps, Handrail Lights

Handrail Lights - Saint Canises steps

Client: Kilkenny County Council Architects: City Council Engineering Dept Brief: We worked with the council to come up with the handrail lights solution illuminating the granite steps The original concept was to remove the existing wall lights and have no visible intrusion at all.The luminear used is a very simple LED light and the whole […]

New: Home in Deansgrange

Year: 2020 Architects: Bright Design Client: Private Extensive refurb on a house in South Dublin. Wink provided the lighting design and supply for this home.